Ballot Measures: Missouri
Published October 24, 2018 / Updated August 30, 2020

Ballot Measures: Missouri

Missouri doesn’t have early voting so November 6th is make-or-break for ballot measures

by Chris Thomas

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Photo by William Recinos

Missouri has seven measures on the ballot this year. Of these, one proposed amendment has the potential to change how elections happen in Missouri.

Amendment 1

Amendment 1 does two things. Unfortunately, voters cannot vote on each component of it. If passed, Amendment 1 would…

  1. Take the responsibility for drawing legislative districts away from the State Legislature and gives it to a new position called the “non-partisan state demographer” who is selected by the state auditor, state Senate majority and minority leaders.
  2. Set donation caps per-election cycle for State Senate and House races and institutes a two-year waiting period after leaving State politics before someone can become a lobbyist.

Impact: Moderate — Missouri’s congressional maps are gerrymandered to benefit the GOP but the state is also pretty Republican to begin with. While more representative maps are great in theory, anyone who tells you this is going to have a dramatic impact on the Missouri Congressional Delegation isn’t being honest.
Support: Bipartisan — despite opposition by the Missouri Republican Party, numerous Missouri Republicans support Amendment 1 along with nearly all Democrats.

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