See Where Your Representative Stands on ImpeachmentSee Where Your Representative Stands on Impeachment
Published May 24, 2019 / Updated July 30, 2020

See Where Your Representative Stands on Impeachment

Use my new ‘impeach’ command to see related votes and statements

by Resistbot


President Richard Milhaus Nixon

Hi, Resistbot here, coming at you with a brand new feature.

Send impeach to Resistbot on Twitter, Messenger, Telegram, or if you must, text it to 50409 and you’ll see where your representative in the U.S. House stands on a number of impeachment votes and actions, along with their most recent statements on the Mueller Report and their last statement on impeachment. Here’s one example:

You can use me on Telegram

Data all comes from public records and statements.

Love it? Hate it? Found a bug? Use my feedback command to let my volunteers know, they’re always working on new features. Thank you!

P.S. Regardless of your feelings on the subject, you can weigh in to your officials with my house command, and please consider donating to help power all your messages, and those of the rest of the resistance, to elected officials in Washington.

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