Over 250 Letters to the Editor Published

Over 250 Letters to the Editor Published

My volunteers have gotten 272 Resistbotter letters published across 143 newspapers in 42 states.

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Did you know that my volunteers will submit your letters to Congress or your Governor to your local paper if you ask me? Text editor after you finish a letter to get started. See my live interactive map at Resist.bot to see what’s been published so far.

13 Resistbotter letters have been published so far in the Arizona Daily-Star, 12 in the St. Lucie News Tribune, 9 in the Columbus Dispatch, and 8 each in the Austin American-Statesman and Dallas Morning News, and the rest in 138 newspapers across the country.

Here’s a few samples:

Not a Resistbotter yet? Sign up for free by texting resist to 50409 on your mobile phone, or send resist to Resistbot on Messenger, Telegram, or by Twitter direct message. Resistbot is a 100% volunteer-run, citizen-funded product, help me deliver your texts and letters by donating today.

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