Yes, Mr. President, we know exactly “what is really happening.”
Published December 18, 2019 / Updated July 21, 2020

Yes, Mr. President, we know exactly “what is really happening.”

by Susan E. Stutz

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The Simpsons

In the three years of this administration, we have seen gross abuses of power, constitutional officers use our founding documents like toilet paper, the belittling and decimation of our country’s place on the global stage, and the re-invigoration of white nationalism. And, that is not even the worst of it. Yesterday, the House of Representatives did what they have done only twice before in our nations history — vote to impeach a sitting president. And, that is a big damn deal.

Contrary to yesterday’s off-the-rails missive from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, authorizes the House to take those steps necessary to insure domestic and foreign security. In doing so, the House performs one of the most important checks on the balance of powers — holding a president to account for actions that violate the trust of the American people.

“Our founders feared the tribalization of partisan politics, and [Trump is] bringing their worst fears to life.”

Following yesterday’s vote, the impeachment process will move to the Senate for a trial. And, it is sure to be a showdown with more Jim Jordan-esque hyperbole, nonsensical trips down the rabbit hole, and X-Files worthy theories on the part of the GOP as to why the nation finds itself where we are.

The unfortunate reality is that our president is much like a 5-year old who, having gotten away with bad behavior once, does it again and again until his hand is drawn back, having been smacked. Having called upon a foreign country — and not just any country but one with whom our history has been fraught with conflict — to intervene into the 2016 election, Trump once again dips into the illegal wellspring with an eye turned towards 2020. His actions have cheapened the office he holds. Fortunately, there are adults in the room and yesterday, Trump drew back an angry red hand.

“One hundred years from now, when people look back at this affair, I want them to understand it, and learn from it.”

So do we Mr. President, so do we.

What you can do

Send CONGRESS to Resistbot and reintroduce your legislators to the language of Article II, Section 4 of our Constitution. And remind them who they work for — YOU! And, that doing the right thing is never wrong. 🦾

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