You are not helpless.
Published January 6, 2020 / Updated July 21, 2020

You are not helpless.

The results are in. Through Resistbot, you’re making democracy work in the 21st century.

by Jason Putorti

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We launched Resistbot 3 years ago amidst a wave of activism and civic engagement. Of the many options available to harness your energy and deliver your voice, you chose us.

In 2017, you used Resistbot to drive millions of pages into the U.S. Capitol on many issues, and helped to save the Affordable Care Act. In N.J. and Virginia you came out in huge numbers.

In 2018, you used Resistbot to turn out voters nationally to elect a representative House that wouldn’t threaten it again. Helping to drive millions of voters and tens of thousands of volunteer shifts.

In 2019, you showed up to vote in Ky., La., Miss., N.J., Va., and for a historic impeachment vote.

Through it all, Resistbot was discounted and derided. We were asked, “what does a fax really do? Isn’t a call better? What about social media? How do we create a progressive take on what won 2016?”

When we told funders we were creating something that gave people a way to have a voice on their own terms and fill the gap between the modern way people communicate today and the archaic systems expected to represent the voice of the electorate, these funders ghosted us. They didn’t believe that your voice communicated via Resistbot could make a difference in our democracy.

Yet, in 2019, we proved them wrong.

In two controlled academic studies, Resistbot created at least 12,000 net votes in the midterms, and over 800 in Wisconsin for a statewide race in ’19.

Yes, you read that right: Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, and in the rest of the country, Resistbot got out the vote. It (virtually) knocked on millions of doors. It made sure people were registered to vote, knew where to go, what ID to bring — getting one from us if they didn’t have it — and had an easy way to get themselves and others to the polls.

What Resistbot did in 2018 and ’19, it can do bigger in 2020. We only had 46,000 users in Wisconsin at the time of our April study. Imagine what we can do with twice that or ten times that? (Trump’s margin was 22,758 votes in ’16, in Michigan it was 10,704.)

We can do this. But only with your support.

We’re not backed by any political party, nor are we a part of any big advocacy organization. There’s no Soros, Bloomberg, or Steyer behind us funding expensive former technology executives, office space, Facebook/TV ads, lawsuits, or anything else.

We’re halfway there!

We’re backed by you.

Specifically, 1,288 sustaining donors who pay as little as $5 a month to keep Resistbot up and running. If we can double that number to 2,500 in the next 30 days, we’ll be able to enter 2020 fully funded and focused on getting out the vote in a way that’s already been proven, and be there in 2021 to fight for the policies that will impact you and your family.

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Are you ready to be one of the people we need to move the needle?

And to our existing sustaining members and donors, this is all thanks to you. You helped us turn a feeling of helplessness into hope, busy signals into boxes of faxes, and ordinary citizens into activists. Here’s just some of what we’ve done together since launch:

Can’t donate? Give time, your impact is unlimited. Ask a family member who you know doesn’t vote every time, to text check to 50409 to be sure they’re registered. Have a friend that wants to vent to Congress? Have them text resist to the bot. You can use the invite keyword which takes seconds to use. Then, we’ll make sure they know how to vote when it’s time. A Resistbot user was 50% more likely to vote after joining, and you can invite friends and family all-year, not just in the weeks before Election Day.

Support the ’bot!

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