Published March 21, 2020 / Updated July 21, 2020


Order your favorite pizza and beer, and raise a glass to the men and women who bring it to your doorstep.

by Susan E. Stutz

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Train of robotic cars hauling food

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are approximately 15.6 million people who work in America's food industry. And with mandatory closures of restaurants and other eateries in every state, this sector of the workforce will be one of those most affected by COVID-19.

The good news is that individual states are taking steps to expand unemployment eligibility and benefits to our neighbors and friends who work in our local restaurants, bars, and coffee houses. Also, individual delivery companies such as DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats have maintained pre-COVID-19 pay rates, implemented programs to keep their couriers working, provided paid sick leave, as well as covering the co-pays and medical expenses related to the virus for their employees.

Almost every restaurant that has been forced to end dine-in service has gone to delivery or take-out only. And, while belts are tightening and wallets are slamming shut, there are those among us who are still working full-time in other industries. There is a way for us to help. We can order take-out. In doing so, we continue to support our local businesses as well as the people who work for them, keeping the shutters off the windows for another day, another week. Bonus: many states are allowing alcohol to be delivered with take-out food.

So, order your favorite pizza and beer, and raise a glass to the men and women who bring it to your doorstep. Oh, and tip like your name is Gates or Buffett!

Here is what else you can do

Send covid19 to 50409 and see what measures your state has taken during this unusual time. If your state is not one that has taken measures to support your community, send governor and we will help you send a letter to your Governor encouraging them to do what needs to be done.

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