Introducing Reliefbot
Published April 20, 2020 / Updated July 21, 2020

Introducing Reliefbot

Resistbot is the "Reliefbot" you need, trying to help you through the pandemic.

by Resistbot

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"Reliefbot" at your service.

We hope you're staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. If you're still working, whether a grocery clerk or health care worker, thank you for your service. We're fighting for you, here's what the team has built over the past month:

COVID Tracker

Our researchers spent a lot of time building this one. Send covidSee current mandates and what’s open and closed in your state to Resistbot to get information on what's happening in your state, here's part of what it looks like:

Image of the Covid keyword in use on Resistbot.

Covid keyword in use

From the latest testing numbers, to restrictions/closures on bars and restaurants, court, public gatherings, elective surgery; to resources for mental health, medicaid, public assistance, domestic violence, unemployment, taxes, testing, and more.

COVID Test Finder

Send covid testing to look up labs and sites near you that can test you for Covid-19.

Covid Act Now Model

Status of the pandemic in all fifty states. Model

We've teamed up with doctors and data scientists who've modeled the outbreak. It is frightening. You can see projections for your state, and how mitigation strategies could flatten the curve. Send covid model to the bot to see it. If you want, the bot can send this information to your state government. It's already worked in many states.

Request or Volunteer to Make PPE/Masks

We are part of the MasksNOW Coalition and clearly share their love for Rosie the Riveter. Sending masks to Resistbot will give you information and allow you to quickly sign up to request masks; or volunteer to sew, distribute, fund masks, or otherwise help the effort to get PPE to our frontline healthcare workers.


If you're losing health insurance as a result of the pandemic, Resistbot can help. Send the coverage keyword to the bot.

Giving Blood

The need is high and you're still allowed to give blood during the pandemic. Sending bloodFind a local non-profit community blood center to Resistbot will now return your nearest non-profit community blood centers.

Stimulus Payments

We've built a calculator to estimate your stimulus payment, text stim to the bot to try it.

Support the ’bot!

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