Published December 30, 2023


This year is less about resolutions and more about being resolute, determined, unwavering, and persevering in the face of an insatiable GOP that wants nothing more than to wipe the country clean of social programs, voting rights, reproductive health care, and so much more.

by Susan E. Stutz

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Illustration of New Year's resolutions on post-it notes, like take walks and drink more water, with a purple stop post-it note over the pile.

Gabriela Pesqueira, The Atlantic

The countdown has begun!

Now that Christmas is behind us, 2024 is coming up fast. You know what that means: time to dust off resolutions of the past for recycling anew, just as we have been doing for some 4,000 years, going back to the ancient Babylonians. Back then, we pledged our allegiance to the incoming or incumbent king and made promises of one kind or another to the gods to ensure their favor or at least ward off their wrath.

Today, we swear off indulgent food and promise to exercise more, buying exercise equipment that becomes a makeshift closet. I have never been one for making New Year's resolutions. Do not misunderstand me; I get it: new year, new you; new year, new circumstances; new year, new opportunities. I understand the concept of turning over a new leaf, even if that leaf is just the next page in an endless calendar. It is just that December 31st has never been the line in the sand for me to do something that I would or could–but did not–do at any other time of the year. I am never going to swear off desserts or stick to an exercise routine. For better or worse, I know that about myself.

But this year is different. This year is less about resolutions and more about being resolute, determined, unwavering, and persevering in the face of an insatiable GOP who wants nothing more than to wipe the country clean of social programs, voting rights, reproductive health care, and so much more.

Every day, we read many articles laying out the myriad charges against Trump and the pending litigation and trials he is facing. At the same time, we face that he is leading in the polls for many states where he has not been removed from the primary. And, if that does not make your blood run cold, it should.


We know what his presidency would look like. We have literally “been there, done that.” We know his policies will hurt millions of Americans, maybe even irreversibly. We know that women’s rights will be restricted even more. We know that those seeking asylum in the U.S. will be turned away in ever-increasing numbers. We know that even more voting rights will be on the chopping block. We know that gerrymandered districts will become even more distorted in an effort to keep people of color from the polls. We know that racial hate crimes will occur in more significant numbers than ever before. We know that our students will not be safe in their classrooms because gun laws will be loosened, perhaps disappearing altogether. We know that January 6, 2021, will be a prologue to the death spiral of democracy as we know it. At the risk of sounding alarmist, if Trump gets another term, we may never be rid of him. Ever.

We also know that you are tired. It has been a very long eight years. I readily admit that when he lost in 2020, I thought we had seen the last of him. Even if the door had not closed firmly behind him, he had been given his hat and directed toward the exit. Boy, was I wrong. I have never been afraid to admit I was wrong about something, but to have been wrong about that is gut-wrenching. So long as there are enough supporters to fill stadiums, it seems he will endure. He will not go until his audience wanes. So, we need to remove his thunder and wipe the slate clean of him. And we do that by doing what we did in 2020. We turn out in precedent-setting numbers in both the primary and general elections.

The first in the nation primary is only a few weeks away in New Hampshire. Although 2020 showed us that the past is not prologue (inasmuch as paths to the White House are not etched in stone), N.H. is often viewed as a bellwether for the remainder of the electoral season. A loss there could be hugely impactful in his bid for a second term.

There are almost 9.9 million in the Resistbot family, and while we will never agree on everything, one thing unites us: our desire for a more perfect union. There are many different ways to participate:

  • You can provide financial support to candidates, not just those in your backyard. If you happen to live in a blue state or community, think about donating to a campaign in another area or even another state;
  • You can knock on doors to advocate for your candidate and/or educate prospective voters on the issues and how to cast their ballot;
  • You can chase mail-in ballots when the time comes to help ensure that every vote is counted;
  • You can provide transportation to those who cannot get to their local polls;
  • You can work the polls on election day, and if you are an attorney, you may be able to assist with voter protection issues that occur at the polls;
  • You can run for election in your community or state;
  • You can show up on election day and vote!

If you want information on casting your ballot, send vote to 50409 and check out the information we have put together on all things vote-related in your state.

Interested in running for office? Use the keyword runGet help running for a local office. for information on vacant seats.

Looking to volunteer? Use the volunteerFind nearby and virtual phone and text banks, canvassing events, and more keyword to find phone banks, canvassing, and other opportunities to help. You can also use the workFind your local election office so you can apply to be a poll worker keyword to see if your polling location needs volunteers.

Resolve to make 2024 the year to win!

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