Resistbot Petition: Call on Senate to Pass the For The People Act
An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Call on Senate to Pass the For The People Act

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The United States of America should be a democracy and a land of opportunity where every voice is heard and valued. Right now, American democracy needs urgent repair. The For the People Act has passed in the House so now we are counting on Senate to ensure we have free and fair elections. This legislation expands voter registration including automatic registration, requires early voting for federal elections, expands access to mail-in voting, and strengthens penalties for those who misinform and intimidate people at the polls. It also requires nonpartisan redistricting and upgrades state voting systems to make voting more accessible and fair. The 2020 election featured historic levels of voter turnout. In fact, it was the highest in over a century even in the face of a deadly pandemic. Since then, more than 360 bills in 47 states have been introduced to weaken our democracy and make it more difficult for Americans to vote. These bills seek to make registration and casting a ballot more difficult, so these restrictions set up barriers that directly impact minorities including Black and Brown communities, as well as our youth. If our vote truly doesn’t matter, then why are there significant efforts to stop it? We need to address these problems and strengthen American democracy and it starts with passing this legislation. It’s time to protect each citizen’s right to vote.

▶ First sent on July 9, 2021 by 18by Vote

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