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Rep. Cori Bush

Map PinSaint Louis, MO


I remain in unwavering opposition to US support for the Israeli apartheid state and the horrific genocide enacted on the Palestinian people with US tax dollars. As a citizen, resident, voter, and tax payer, I demand a military embargo of the state of Israel.

Verified VoterFlorissant, MO

Immediate Permanent Ceasefire Now

I am writing to express my deep concern and extreme outrage about the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians. The recent escalation of hostilities has resulted in unacceptable human suffering, displacement, and loss of life among Palestinian civilians

Map PinSaint Louis, MO

Impeach Conservative SCOTUS Justices Over Fascist Ruling

The danger of yesterday’s horrific SCOTUS decision granting unchecked impunity to the president to shepherding in authoritarianism and fascism cannot be understated. I urge the congresswoman to support impeachment of all six justices who ruled in the majority and a constitutional amendment overturni

Map PinSaint Louis, MO


I demand a military embargo of the Israeli apartheid state to end US support for and involvement in the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people. I remain in unwavering opposition to all support for the Israeli state and in unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people. In light of the ne

Map PinSaint Louis, MO

Military Embargo of Israel Now

I strongly oppose sending more weapons to the Israeli state and the proposed funding package. It is disgraceful to spend billions funding genocide, all the more so when they money could address pressing social issues like the housing crisis, healthcare access, or the climate crisis and save lives. I

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