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Verified VoterSeattle, WA

ision) provisions of the Social Security act. HR 82 is up to be brought to the full house ASAP. It is a bill to eliminate the unfair GPO (Government Pension Offset) and WEP (Windfall Elimination prov I need to provide for me in retirement. With 321 co-sponsors, there is overwhelming bipartisan suppo

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I am really grateful to have a representative who fully supports the autonomy of women. Thank you for your work and your support on HR 4121 the Right to Contraception Act. I find it hard to believe this is necessary. I’m 75 years old and I remember when we had to lie to doctors to get contraception

Map PinSeattle, WA

Uphold asylum rights, address root causes humanely

The proposed policy to dramatically limit asylum claims at the Southwest border disregards international laws and conventions that the United States has committed to upholding. It contradicts the ideals enshrined in the Statue of Liberty, which has long stood as a beacon of hope and refuge for those

Verified VoterSeattle, WA

I’m writing to ask you to put pressure on Senator Durbin to initiate an investigation into the corruption of two of our Supreme Court justices, Alito and Thomas. It’s long past due. We have the majority in the Senate and it’s unconscionable that we democrats are doing nothing about this! It’s time t

Map PinSeattle, WA

stop israeli terrorist attacks in Palestine

With the ICC's messaging this week, the U.S. government is complicit in the israeli genocide of the Palestinian people. This was already clear with the continued funding of the genocide with tax payer dollars. If you have not condemned israel's actions and called for all funding to the israeli go

Map PinSeattle, WA

Hold SCOTUS accountable

The Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act to impose ethical rules on all SCOTUS must be passed. The ethical lapses of Alito and Thomas--and the failure of the Chief Justice to take leadership in addressing these issues are destroying the legitimacy of SCOTUS.

Map PinSeattle, WA

I am aghast at Justice Alito’s obvious support of extremist partisan groups and actions. This from a Supreme CourtJustice! Alito needs to resign. If he refuses then he needs to be impeached. And we need to pass H.R 926, the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act of 2023. I think you

Map PinSeattle, WA

There is no lesser evil

Why does the democratic party want trump to be the next president? Not following campaign promises, funding genocide, supporting violence against peaceful student protesters. There is no lesser evil. Why is Biden, a war criminal, being supported in running again? Cut funding to Israel. Stop mur

Map PinShoreline, WA

I’m writing because I’m outraged and dismayed at the corruption on our Supreme Court, especially in light of new reporting that Samuel Alito had a “Stop the Steal” flag in his yard in the days after January 6. This is incomprehensible and utterly beyond the pale. He needs to recuse himself from the

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End American Support for Israel

It is no longer justifiable to support Israel. I have seen some stats that 94% of Jewish Israelis think the force used against Gaza is either appropriate or insufficient. And a majority of Jewish Israelis oppose food and medicine going into Gaza. Clearly this is not only Netanyahu’s war. Furthermor

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