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Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Oppose HB 121 and HB 122 (LGBTQ+ Restrictions)

Dear Louisiana Legislators, I am writing to express my strong opposition to House Bill 121 and House Bill 122, which seek to restrict the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ students and teachers in Louisiana's public schools. These bills are discriminatory and go against the principles of inclusivity,

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Support HB 489 (Expanded Medicaid Coverage)

I am writing to express my strong support for HB 489, which would provide important Medicaid coverage expansions for pregnant and postpartum women in Louisiana. Given that our state has the highest maternal death rate and second highest infant death rate in the nation, I believe this legislation w

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Support HB 833 (Protect In Vitro Fertilization)

I am writing to express my strong support for House Bill 833, which aims to protect access to in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment in Louisiana. Infertility affects millions of people, and IVF has become an essential tool for building families. As your constituent from Baton Rouge, I believe t

Verified VoterMetairie, LA

Oppose Unconstitutional Mandate: Protect Students' Rights in Louisiana Schools

The recent approval of a bill mandating the display of the Ten Commandments in Louisiana classrooms is a direct violation of the First Amendment, which guarantees the separation of church and state. This move not only infringes on the rights of students to freely choose their beliefs but also impose

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Oppose Senate Bills 482, 423 and 502 (Restrictions on Public Records)

I am writing to express my strong opposition to Senate Bills 482, 423, and 502, which I believe would severely undermine Louisiana's open records law and public access to government information. 1) Senate Bill 482 (SB 482) SB 482, carried by Sen. Heather Cloud, would effectively eviscerate Louisia

Baton Rouge, LA

Preserve Grow Dat Youth Farm in City Park Plan

The proposed removal or relocation of Grow Dat Youth Farm by City Park Conservancy is alarming. This nonprofit organization has been a cornerstone of our community since 2012, offering not only healthy food and employment, but also education on sustainable farming practices and healthy eating habits

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Oppose Gov. Landry’s National Anthem Mandate

I am writing to express my strong disagreement with Governor Landry's recent comments regarding the LSU women's basketball team's absence from the national anthem prior to their Elite Eight game. His demand that student-athletes be required to be present for the anthem or risk losing their scholar

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

La. Missing Out On Millions in Federal Funds—Again!

I am deeply concerned to learn that Louisiana has failed to connect 124,000 children in the state with over $16 million in federal pandemic food aid. This is unacceptable, especially given the ongoing economic challenges many families are facing.  I understand that this was due to administrative e

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Support HB 245 (Reproductive Freedom Amendment)

I am writing to express my strong support for House Bill 245 (Reproductive Freedom Amendment). This bill is not only a pivotal step towards ensuring reproductive autonomy but also promises substantial benefits for the health and well-being of Louisiana families. The passage of HB 245 will affirm

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Reconsider HB 745: Strengthen Public Education, Not Private Scholarships

The proposed HB 745 bill, which aims to establish the LA GATOR Scholarship Program, raises concerns about the allocation of public funds. This program, while seemingly beneficial, would divert state funding towards private education expenses for K-12 students. It's crucial to consider the potential

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Oppose Adoption of New State Constitution

As a longtime resident of Louisiana and your constituent, I am writing to express my firm opposition to the proposed adoption of a new state constitution. It has come to my attention that Governor Landry, who did not campaign on the promise of adopting a new state constitution, is now overseeing a

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Oppose Hunting La. Black Bear

As a concerned Louisiana citizen, I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed bear hunting season in our state. As you may know, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission has adopted a Notice of Intent for a bear hunting season in December of 2024, specifically in the northeast regi

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Preservation of Louisiana State Capital Building

I am writing to you as a Louisiana citizen deeply concerned about the preservation of our state's historical landmarks and the integrity of our government's infrastructure. It has come to my attention that the Louisiana State Capitol building, an emblem of our state's history and governance, is in

Verified VoterBaton Rouge, LA

Vote Against HB 6: Protect Louisiana's Education System

The proposed House Bill 6, which aims to simplify the creation of breakaway school districts, poses a significant threat to the educational landscape in Louisiana. This legislation could lead to increased per pupil allocation for legacy costs in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, endanger sp