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Rep. Kim Schrier

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Do not automatically register people for the draft.

The House recently passed a provision to automatically register young men between ages 18-26 for the Selective Service, essentially reinstating a military draft. While intended to make the system more efficient, this measure strips away the civil liberty of choosing whether to register. The draft is

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Save our democracy

Please fully fund the upcoming election. $140 million is not enough!!

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Stop supporting war criminals, demand a ceasefire now.

The Israeli army infiltrated Nuseirat refugee camp disguised as humanitarian aid, when we know that starvation and lack of access to water is so bad in Gaza that 1 million will most likely face death by starvation by mid-July. And then they proceeded to massacre 220 civilians, including women and ch

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Affordable Homeownership

Make home ownership affordable. End the tax deduction for 2nd homes. Don't let hedge funds, wall street and corporations compete in the market for homes with a family. Support WA Rep Adam Smith. #NationalHomeownershipMonth. Thank you!

Verified VoterOrting, WA

Support for people with FASD

FASD has highlighted the need for comprehensive legislation like the FASD Respect Act. I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to urge your support for S.1800/HR.3946, the FASD Respect Act. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders rning disabilities, heart defects, hearing impairments, and

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Demand accountability for Israeli war crimes against Palestinians

The Israeli air strikes on al-Maghazi and Rafah that killed 44 Palestinian civilians, including 32 children, offer devastating evidence of unlawful attacks and war crimes committed by Israeli forces. These disproportionate attacks targeted residential areas, showing a blatant disregard for civilian

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