Save Democracy from Minority Rule
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Save Democracy from Minority Rule

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Wading River, NY

July 8

I am not one to complain usually but I have to say I am extremely disappointed in what the Democrats have been doing to you, Mr. President. You are the nominee and have had an extremely successful presidency so far. Yes you are old, but the other guy is a Fascist who wants to turn the country into an Authoritarian regime. The Democrats are allowing the media to do what Trump and his Republican cronies have wanted.... to create a circular firing squad designed to hurt the President. The enemy is Donald Trump and his Fascist desire to turn this country into an Authoritarian regime. Every day you and every other Democrat should be talking about Project 2025, Donald Trump's conviction and him being on Epstein's list.... The longer that Democrats talk about your age, the less time is spent attacking Donald Trump! It's not a coincidence that Trump has been out of public eye since the debate, because the Media and Democrats are doing his work for him. Please Sir, get back to attacking the real target nonstop. Also, if you want to get younger people like myself excited- take risks like saying that we need to get rid of the Permanent Apportionment Act of the 1920s that capped the size of the House of Representatives at 435... it is extremely undemocratic that the size of the House has not kept up with population rise. It causes gerrymandering to be worse (much harder to gerrymander a district that is the size of a neighborhood instead of a big chunk of a state). It also will allow us to have equal representation (instead of some states being 1 rep per 500k and others 1 per 900k). Call for DC to become a State, allow Puerto Rico to decide if they want to become a State. Expand the Supreme Court to match the 13 District Courts. The Supreme Court has become nothing but a wing of the Republican Party and will not change without a radical plan. Frame these issues are saving Democracy from minority rule.... because otherwise NO policy that you want to do, will happen.

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