An open letter to Rep. Mathis, Gov. Hobbs, Rep. Gutierrez, Sen. Sundareshan.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Mathis, Gov. Hobbs, Rep. Gutierrez, Sen. Sundareshan

From: A constituent in Tucson, AZ

May 24

This bill appears to grant teachers in public schools certain expressive rights and protections related to their speech and views. While the intent may be to foster open discussion and debate, we must carefully consider the potential impacts on vulnerable student populations, such as LGBTQ+ youth. Policies that enable discrimination, forced outing, or create unsafe environments for these students are deeply concerning and can have severe negative consequences for their well-being and academic success. I urge you to closely examine this legislation and ensure it does not infringe upon the rights and safety of marginalized students. Fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students should be the paramount priority.

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