An open letter to Rep. Ruiz, Gov. Kelly, Sen. Pettey.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Ruiz, Gov. Kelly, Sen. Pettey

From: A verified voter in Kansas City, KS

July 10

I once heard a chilling quote: "[They] only pass the laws they mean to enforce." I speak of Project 2025, which would be one of the most devastating blows to Americans in every walk of life. About 90% of the people I know would be affected by this, either directly or with family ties. This is an absolutely wretched project that would tear away at the quality of life of all Americans. Lap Tzu once said that we ought to judge the quality of a society by how it treats its most vulnerable members. This wouldn't just harm the already-vulnerable populations of this country but create exponentially more. I think society ought to move forward, not backwards. This is why I'm calling on you to renounce Trump and Project 2025 and do all you can to fight it, on behalf of myself and everyone I love.

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