HR 6090 Was a Grave Mistake
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HR 6090 Was a Grave Mistake

To: Rep. Barr

From: A constituent in Lexington, KY

May 2

As your constituent, I was disappointed and alarmed to learn that you not only failed to oppose the unconstitutional HR 6090 ("Antisemitism Awareness Act of 2023"), but actually cosponsored it. While antisemitism is odious regardless of context, the First Amendment provides broad protections for speech that HR 6090 expressly violates. In addition, HR 6090 adopts an overly-broad definition of antisemitism that would potentially criminalize criticism of the government of Israel. The fact that you would support criminalizing speech against a foreign government is disturbing and un-American. While I am used to disagreeing with you on policy, this is truly beyond the pale. I hope you will, at a minimum, publicly walk back your support for this bill. It does not make Jews or anyone in the US safer, and in fact threatens all Americans.

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