AI Alignment and the future of America.
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AI Alignment and the future of America.

To: Sen. Lummis, Sen. Barrasso, Rep. Hageman

From: A constituent in Sheridan, WY

June 3

AI alignment is a direct threat to American democracy. The training of algorithms and LLMs will shape the future attitudes of social media, chat bot, and AI users. It is clear from social media studies and the real world consequences of algorithmic engagement, that congress must impose regulation on all social media platforms, and AI companies to ensure that algorithm and AI alignment is beneficial to our society. As of now, alignment is a black box, but we can be certain that the profit motive is maximizing engagement, which has proven disastrous not only for our politics but also for our mental health. Propose and/or support legislation that requires maximizing the common good, not profits or engagement. If that means AI companies can’t make a profit, so be it. It’s time Congress did its job and protected the American people from a real and imminent threat. Thank you for your attention.

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