It's time to save America
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It's time to save America

To: Sen. Menendez, Sen. Booker, Rep. Kim

From: A constituent in Tuckerton, NJ

July 2

Please urge President Biden and Vice President Harris to seize the opportunity that the Supreme Court has given him. . Prosecute Mr. Thomas for corruption. Arrest everyone in or formerly in Congress who facilitated the January 6 Insurrection. Arrest Mrs Thomas & Mrs Alito for their rolls in the Insurrection Expand the Court to 13 members. Use Executive Orders to fully fund Social Security by taxing all income without limits, restore Roe, ban bump stocks & semi-auto weapons. Privatize all Gas companies. Raise income tax back to preReagan levels. Pass Medicare for All. Remove all college debt. Make it illegal for corporations to own housing beyond two buildings. Remove Citizen's United and all dark money instruments. Make bribery illegal again. y because of it. The Republicans are betting on us to be "too pure" to fight fire with fire. This has been our Achilles heel for far too long and we are losing our countr "When they go low, we destroy them" needs to be our new motto.

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