Investigate Justices Alito and Thomas for impeachable offenses
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Investigate Justices Alito and Thomas for impeachable offenses

To: Sen. Coons, Sen. Carper, Rep. Blunt Rochester

From: A constituent in Wilmington, DE

July 11

The politicization of the Supreme Court is deeply concerning, with Justices Alito and Thomas appearing to put partisan interests ahead of impartial jurisprudence. Their unethical conduct surrounding the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, including Thomas voting on a case directly impacting his wife's activism, as well as their rulings granting expansive presidential immunity and overturning long-standing Chevron deference to agency expertise, suggests a disqualifying conflict of interest and lack of judicial ethics. They are deep in the pockets of the rich and powerful like Harlan Crow and Paul Singer. To uphold the integrity of the third branch of government, a thorough investigation into potential impeachable offenses by these Justices is warranted. Launching impeachment proceedings would demonstrate that no one is above the law and help restore faith in the impartiality of the nation's highest court.

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