Cyberattack Impact on Healthcare Providers: Immediate Action Needed
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Cyberattack Impact on Healthcare Providers: Immediate Action Needed

To: Gov. Abbott, Rep. Smith, Sen. Springer, Lt. Gov. Patrick

From: A constituent in Denison, TX

April 27

The recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, has resulted in severe financial difficulties for healthcare providers, including Twin Cities Counseling in Minneapolis and potentially many others. The attack has disrupted the claims processing system, leaving over 100 appointments unpaid and causing significant accounting complications. Particularly affected are mental health providers in Minnesota who rely on TherapyNotes, an electronic health record system dependent on Change Healthcare's data clearinghouse. Furthermore, there is evidence of another data breach, exacerbating the situation. The situation necessitates immediate attention and action. It is requested that measures be taken to ensure the swift recovery of Change Healthcare's operations and the consolidation of related lawsuits. Additionally, it is crucial to establish safeguards against such incidents in the future to protect the financial stability of healthcare providers.

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