Protect airline passengers
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Protect airline passengers

To: Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray

From: A constituent in Poulsbo, WA

May 1

The airlines have been routinely canceling flights and failing to provide customers with proper refunds. The FAA reauthorization deal proposed by Senators Cruz, Cantwell, and Representatives Graves and Larsen would make it more difficult for passengers to receive refunds by requiring them to submit written or electronic requests. This additional burden undermines the Biden administration's new rule aimed at streamlining the refund process for airline customers. Passengers deserve automatic refunds when flights are canceled or significantly delayed without having to jump through bureaucratic hoops. The airlines have already demonstrated an inability to operate their scheduled flights, and passengers should not bear the burden of the airlines' failures. I urge you to remove the refund request provision from the FAA reauthorization to protect consumers and ensure the airlines are held accountable for providing the services they sell.

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