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Map PinSpokane, WA

Gen. Kelly Needs to Speak Up

Please find a way to have General Kelly go on camera to confirm Trump's disparaging remarks regarding soldiers being suckers and losers. I know he has already issued a statement. The problem is Trump supporters need to see him on camera say it clearly. I sent all the information I could to some Trum

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I just learned that according to an NPR analysis 50% of military installations in the US are in military deserts. That means they lack primary, obstetric, and mental health care. Here is a link to the NPR story

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Do not automatically register people for the draft.

The House recently passed a provision to automatically register young men between ages 18-26 for the Selective Service, essentially reinstating a military draft. While intended to make the system more efficient, this measure strips away the civil liberty of choosing whether to register. The draft is

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Save our democracy

Please fully fund the upcoming election. $140 million is not enough!!

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I just learned and want you to know that when private equity purchases a hospital, patients suffer. The number of falls, and infections dramatically increases. When private equity buys a nursing home the death rate goes up by 10% in one year. I also just learned of a pub

Verified VoterSeattle, WA

ision) provisions of the Social Security act. HR 82 is up to be brought to the full house ASAP. It is a bill to eliminate the unfair GPO (Government Pension Offset) and WEP (Windfall Elimination prov I need to provide for me in retirement. With 321 co-sponsors, there is overwhelming bipartisan suppo

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I just learned that New York State is the latest to begin the process of importing prescription drugs from Canada. Canada has universal healthcare and so is able to negotiate fair prices for drugs. Here we have Pharmacy Benefit Managers who cheat pharmacists. They also f

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I just found out that those planning for another Trump presidency are planning to alter labor laws, like ERISA, to prevent private workplace health insurance from covering abortions, if the person lives in a state where it is illegal. PLEASE DO ALL YOU CAN STOP THIS. Pass t

Map PinWoodinville, WA

Ban undisclosed collection of driving data by auto insurers

The auto insurance industry should not be allowed to covertly collect driving data through automakers or apps without explicit consent. If telematics data is used for calculating premiums, insurance companies must provide their own monitoring hardware or apps as the only permissible method of collec

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I want you to know that it is terribly unfair to everyday Americans that our taxes are often higher than corporations, thanks to the 2017 tax cut. I want you to restore balance and fairness and cosponsor and actively support HR 7933/ S 4098 the Corporate Tax Dodging Preven

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Stop supporting war criminals, demand a ceasefire now.

The Israeli army infiltrated Nuseirat refugee camp disguised as humanitarian aid, when we know that starvation and lack of access to water is so bad in Gaza that 1 million will most likely face death by starvation by mid-July. And then they proceeded to massacre 220 civilians, including women and ch

Map PinCoupeville, WA

Stop allowing Gifts to the Subreme Court Justices.

The Subreme Court should NOT receive gifts or be influenced in any manner. What can you do about this?

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I just learned and want you to know about the sorry state of maternal mortality in the US. Our peer industrialized countries do not have near the problem we do. In fact, some of them have nearly NO MATERNAL DEATHS. There is a link to a study by the Commonwealth Fund rele

Map PinBellevue, WA

Support Bill to Secure Nationwide Contraceptive Access

The Senate is considering a critical bill to protect access to contraception nationwide. This legislation would enshrine the right for individuals to obtain and utilize various forms of contraception, including birth control pills, Plan B, condoms, and other methods. It would also ensure that health

Map PinSeattle, WA

I am really grateful to have senators who fully support the autonomy of women. Thank you for your work and your support on S. 4381 the Right to Contraception Act.

Map PinSeattle, WA

Uphold asylum rights, address root causes humanely

The proposed policy to dramatically limit asylum claims at the Southwest border disregards international laws and conventions that the United States has committed to upholding. It contradicts the ideals enshrined in the Statue of Liberty, which has long stood as a beacon of hope and refuge for those

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Affordable Homeownership

Make home ownership affordable. End the tax deduction for 2nd homes. Don't let hedge funds, wall street and corporations compete in the market for homes with a family. Support WA Rep Adam Smith. #NationalHomeownershipMonth. Thank you!

Map PinBellevue, WA

Fund long Covid research to improve millions of lives

Every new Covid infection represents a significant risk of developing the debilitating condition known as Long Covid. There are an estimated 18 million Americans currently suffering from Long Covid, with many being too sick to work or care for their families due to severely disabling symptoms like p

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I urge you to support the bipartisan Railway Safety Act. It’s been over a year since a Norfolk Southern train carrying thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. This derailment was caused by a b that ignited a fire, burning for over twenty mi

Map PinLongview, WA

Regulate doorbell noises in advertising

Subject: Concerns Regarding Doorbell Noises in Advertising , I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the use of doorbell noises in advertising and its impact on our furry friends, particularly dogs. As you may be aware, the sudden sound of a doorbell ca

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

CONGRESS I am your constituent and I want to remind you that commercial health insurance companies: Restrict access to medical providers through limited networks Deny life-saving treatment that patients and physicians agree is necessary Demand “prior authorization” for care that is routine Requ

Verified VoterLynnwood, WA

Cease fire now

The grave humanitarian crisis in Palestine is alarming and requires immediate action. Over 36,000 Palestinians have been killed, and 1.7 million are internally displaced due to the escalating violence. The entire population of Gaza is facing acute food insecurity, putting them on the brink of famine

Verified VoterMercer Island, WA

Stop military arming of Israel

I am writing to demand immediate action against Israel for its genocidal violence towards Palestinians. The United States must impose an arms embargo and end all military funding to Israel. The Israeli government’s actions are blatant violations of international law and human decency, resulting in t

Map PinWoodinville, WA

Judicial ethics reforms needed to restore Supreme Court integrity.

The unethical conduct of Supreme Court justices like Samuel Alito warrants an overhaul of judicial oversight mechanisms. By failing to recuse himself from cases involving personal interests, Alito has undermined public trust in the Court's impartiality. Bold reforms are urgently needed to hold justi

Verified VoterVancouver, WA

I am your constituent and I want you to know that 65% of rural communities have no psychiatric services available. Part of the reason is that the Medicaid reimbursement rate for psychiatric services is half of what commercial insurance pays. Please allocate additional funding so CMS can pay psychi

Verified VoterSeattle, WA

I’m writing to ask you to put pressure on Senator Durbin to initiate an investigation into the corruption of two of our Supreme Court justices, Alito and Thomas. It’s long past due. We have the majority in the Senate and it’s unconscionable that we democrats are doing nothing about this! It’s time t

Verified VoterTacoma, WA

Support proven anti-poverty initiatives with guaranteed basic income

The widening socioeconomic divide and rising poverty rates are major issues facing our communities. Recent basic income pilots in Tacoma and King County have demonstrated the potential for guaranteed cash payments to provide a critical financial lifeline and pathway to economic stability. Participan

Verified VoterOrting, WA

Support for people with FASD

FASD has highlighted the need for comprehensive legislation like the FASD Respect Act. I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to urge your support for S.1800/HR.3946, the FASD Respect Act. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders rning disabilities, heart defects, hearing impairments, and

Verified VoterSequim, WA

Limit presidential emergency powers

My name is Pete Harris from Sequim, WA. I understand that Senators Paul and Peters are crafting a bipartisan bill that would limit presidential emergency power and tighten up the authorities that a president holds under the Insurrection Act. I strongly support this. Common sense reforms to strengthe

Verified VoterIssaquah, WA

Demand accountability for Israeli war crimes against Palestinians

The Israeli air strikes on al-Maghazi and Rafah that killed 44 Palestinian civilians, including 32 children, offer devastating evidence of unlawful attacks and war crimes committed by Israeli forces. These disproportionate attacks targeted residential areas, showing a blatant disregard for civilian

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