Presidential immunity for official acts
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Presidential immunity for official acts

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Hercules, CA

April 26

I propose that you, President Biden, have an almost immediate press conference where you announce that you, whose #1 job is the security of the USA and it's citizens, are formulating plans to assassinate Donald Trump who is a very real existential threat to the USA. The moment the SCOTUS approves immunity for any president enacting an official action of the Presidency, the assassination would proceed. Even if subsequently impeached and convicted for the act, you would have done your sacred duty, and Donald Trump would be dead. But, hey, politics, you would not be convicted by the Senate, just as the Republican Senate did not convict a guilty Trump. And with the SCOTUS blessings, you would be immune from criminal prosecution. Just sayin'. Are you listening SCOTUS?

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