An open letter to Rep. Fulcher, Sen. Crapo, Pres. Biden, Sen. Risch.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Fulcher, Sen. Crapo, Pres. Biden, Sen. Risch

From: A constituent in Star, ID

July 10

I am writing, to plead with you, to be proactive, and forward-thinking, about the very real, and dangerous trend of Christian Nationalist values infiltrating our government. I was raised Christian. I believe that Christians should be free to worship who/how they believe. I do NOT agree with state, or federal laws, or policies, that hold “Christian” teachings as those that should rule our country. Separation of church and state is a foundational principle. Our founders left the oppression of being told how to believe, and to embrace whether or not to believe. The recent actions of Oklahoma State Superintendent, to mandate the teaching of the Bible, and to write history curriculum are outrageous. The infiltration of the Heritage Foundation into every level of our government is wrong. Even if YOU personally believe these conservative ideas, you cannot allow it to cloud your thinking. You must not let their monetary donations rule your votes. Yes, there are many Christians who live in the USA, but there are millions of citizens holding other beliefs, and there are millions of atheists, too. The Constitution is clear.

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