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Bipartisan Bill

To: Sen. Hawley, Rep. Smith, Sen. Schmitt

From: A verified voter in Ellsinore, MO

February 25

Representative Fitzpatrick (Republican) and his Democratic colleague were on Face the Nation this morning, 2/25/24. They have a bipartisan bill to provide defense only aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and funding for the border. I know Missouri Senators and 8th District representation have not supported aid to Ukraine. You do not seem to realize that supporting Ukraine is supporting Democracy and if you vote no and Putin is victorious, you are partly to blame. I know there have been concerns about accountability of the money. I do not believe there has not been accountability. However, Rep. Fitzpatrick stated this morning that 80% of the funding will be spent in the US building more and better weapons. Don’t you want to vote for a bill that is beneficial to our economy? The biggest hurdle really are the MAGA Republicans who will only vote yes if Trump says it’s okay. As I’ve heard it said, Republicans are sadly no more the part of Reagan but are the party of Trump. Missouri is red and you probably assume Missourians would want you to vote no. You want to vote ways to get you re-elected when the time comes and you want to vote to support Trump but sometimes you have to vote to do what’s right regardless of the consequences. Please vote Yes for Ukraine funding!

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