An open letter to Rep. Lee, Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Lee, Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler

From: A verified voter in Albany, CA

July 8

I am horrified that anyone would invite the prime minister of Israel to speak in Congress. Please ensure that this invitation is rescinded. Netanyahu’s current rebuff of the peace plan, his unwillingness to bring hostages home, and his determination to stay in office no matter what, has led the government of Israel to border on fascism (and I say this as a committed and practicing Jew whose parent fled Germany in 1930’s) allowing for the most outrageous actions, statements and policies being articulated by his government ministers. We need a cease fire now, we need the hostages home, we need a strong and definite commitment to peace going forward, we need to stop the attacks on the West Bank and so far Netanyahu has committed to none of this let alone even the slightest hint of anything but more war, violence and destruction. He can only travel here because (to our shame) we are not signatories to the international court. It is yet another affront to Americans that some in Congress want to honour Netanyahu in this way and will only inflame tensions here. I urge you to speak to your colleagues and rescind the invitation immediately.

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