Reject the Bible in school's curriculum and do better by Texas!
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Reject the Bible in school's curriculum and do better by Texas!

To: Sen. West, Lt. Gov. Patrick, Gov. Abbott, Rep. Bryant

From: A constituent in Dallas, TX

June 1

As a Texan who is non-Christian and a tax paying citizen I am APPALLED that Texas would have the nerve to push for bible lessons in the public school system. We are a non theological nation. We have no national or state religion and go that end our government should not be making any rules or dictating any religion into the public educational system. It shocks me that the supposed party of small government and personal liberty will at the same time push for a Christian narrative in classrooms. You CANNOT have a small government that doesn't over reach and then push for bible stories in the classroom. The act of pushing biblical stories in the classroom is in fact a gross overreach of government and is a gross endorsement of one religion over another. How are you going to ensure every religion of the world is being given equal time in each classroom? That Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam are given equal time as Jesus? What about less popular religions like Pastafaroanism but are still recognized by the state? Once again the Texas state has opened itself up to even more lawsuits because its leaders chose to pursue a radical right wing and Christian agenda rather than ACTUALLY pass legislation to help Texans. Again, I still await meaningful rent reform, help for the homeless, the housing crisis to be under control, better public transit, and for wages to substantially pass inflation. We in Texas deserve so much better than what we have been given.

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