Please step aside & give your delegates to Kamala Harris
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Please step aside & give your delegates to Kamala Harris

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Lincoln, CA

June 30

President Biden's age and concerning performance in the recent debate have raised valid concerns about his ability to effectively lead the nation for another four years. While his intentions to help working Americans and protect democracy are noble, the harsh reality is that he may no longer be up to the immense physical and mental demands of the presidency. In the best interests of the country, it would be a selfless act of patriotism for President Biden to withdraw his candidacy and allow a more vigorous Democratic nominee like Vice President Kamala Harris to take up the mantle. This difficult decision could be his final great service to the nation he has devoted his life to. A fresh candidate better equipped to contend with the challenges ahead gives Democrats the best chance to defeat Donald Trump's divisive forces and unite the country behind a positive vision for the future. President Biden has sacrificed much for his country already - putting its needs ahead of his own ambitions once more would cement his legacy as a leader who always put America first.

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