An open letter to Pres. Biden, Sen. Cassidy, Rep. Scalise, Sen. Kennedy.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Cassidy, Rep. Scalise, Sen. Kennedy

From: A constituent in New Orleans, LA

May 28

PLEASE STOP FUNDING WEAPONS FOR ISRAEL. President Biden, we were so proud of your work before this. You were going down in history as a surprisingly good president with an effective and ethical cabinet. Now that reputation is ruined. For many months, I’ve listened to countless Americans vow that they can’t vote for you ever again after blindly supporting Israel’s unethical and indefensible tactics. I have argued that a 3rd party vote would be a vote for Trump, and he would’ve handled this even worse. But is that possible? After blowing your own “red line,” we know that you never had one. It’s all about the networks of money all over the globe like a web (and I hate to insult spiders). You won’t ever do the right thing because disturbing Israel disturbs the money flow. Shame on you all. History will remember. You have created a sadly jaded class of Americans: those of us who truly believed that Americans were the Good Guys, only to find out that we’re quietly pulling the strings on so many atrocities in the world. It’s been heartbreaking, actually. From President Biden to all the senators and congresspeople (except of course Bernie), none of you are doing your job. You’re ignoring the Americans you work for who overwhelmingly want CEASEFIRE NOW.

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