We see you: you put genocide before the safety of young Americans
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We see you: you put genocide before the safety of young Americans

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Jackson Heights, NY

May 2

Your attempts to conflate anti-genocide protests with anti-semitism are grotesque and dangerous. The fact that you would rather broadly smear young students (and millions of your own former voters) than stop supporting Israel’s ongoing genocidal campaign is beyond disgusting. How dare you put these students at risk in the name of upholding your abhorrent policy of appeasement for apartheid? Shortly after your misleading statements against the Gaza solidarity protests, zionists violently attacked a previously peaceful protest encampment in California. They clearly saw your rhetoric as a green light to harm the students. Your job is to keep all Americans safe, not just the ones who sit quiet and obedient as you help commit atrocities. Do you remember what happened to little Wadea Al-Fayoume? Will your rhetoric protect other Arab–American kids like him? You cannot fool the people. We know that anti-zionism and anti-semitism are not synonymous. We know that Jewish students, rabbis, and Holocaust survivors and their descendants have always been a large part of the anti-zionist movement. We know that the word “intifada” (“uprising”) is not inherently anti-semitic just because it is Arabic, and your attempt to paint it as such is deeply stupid and racist. We know that Israel is attempting to flatten Gaza. And we know that Israel’s crimes are being committed with you as the biggest accomplice. I refuse to be complicit. I demand that you take action: 1. Begin an arms embargo, now! Halt the provision of all aid and arms to Israel immediately in order to obey US law under 10 USC 362, 22 USC 2378-1, and 22 USC 2378d. 2. Use the full strength of US resources to demand that Israel comply with the UN Security Council ceasefire resolution, and work to achieve a lasting ceasefire. 3. Force Israel to let sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza via existing land routes; support the efforts of the Freedom Flotilla in their emergency mission to deliver aid to Gaza; fund UNRWA. 4. Sanction Israel for its illegal actions, including in the West Bank. 5. De-escalate! No more bombs on Gaza, Yemen, Iran, or anywhere else in the Middle East! No more forever wars!

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