Support Access to Family Building Act of 2024
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Support Access to Family Building Act of 2024

To: Sen. Fischer, Sen. Ricketts, Rep. Bacon

From: A verified voter in Omaha, NE

February 26

The Access to Family Building Act of 2024 is a pivotal legislation that seeks to secure the right to access assisted reproductive technology services and protect individuals' rights regarding the use of reproductive genetic materials. It also provides legal recourse for violations of these rights. The importance of these technologies is evident, as nearly 2% of all U.S. births are conceived with their help. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a global leader in reproductive medicine, supports this bill. Recent decisions, such as the one by the Alabama Supreme Court, threaten the practice of IVF, making this legislation even more critical. Therefore, I request that you publicly support this legislation to safeguard these fundamental human rights.

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