Ceasefire and Save Rafah, or Democrats will Lose in November
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Ceasefire and Save Rafah, or Democrats will Lose in November

To: Rep. Raskin, Sen. Van Hollen, Sen. Cardin, Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Rockville, MD

May 8

Winning in November is not a done deal. I’m a lifelong democrat, and I know many who have already said they can’t bring themselves to vote for Biden due to the ceasefire vetoes and unending aid to Israel after they have committed countless crimes against humanity. If the United States doesn’t step up in this moment and halt Israel’s bombing of Rafah, democrats will not win in November. More importantly, it will be the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. losing its moral compass. How can you hear the cries of children and not be moved to immediately stop the massacre? How can you see that tens of thousands of children have been killed by bombings and by actual execution and thrown into mass graves and yet continue to aid Israel? How can you look at pictures like what’s attached (while difficult to see, remember they had to endure it) of children killed and still be ok with Israel’s actions? And for what? This is no longer about Israel defending itself. It’s genocide of the Palestinian people and a land grab. Why is there this unrelenting backing of Israel? It’s supporting genocide and causing the U.S. to lose their standing in the world from the eyes of the people. If Israel isn’t stopped this instant, as they’re already bombing Rafah and bombing refugee tents, Democracy will be handed to the GOP and crumble. There will be too many write-ins or abstaining from voting. Most will not be able to back a candidate who supported genocide and the killing of children and babies. Ceasefire immediately. Remove IDF from blocking the Gaza border with Egypt. Get the IDF to stop restricting humanitarian aid.

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