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To: Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn, Rep. Pfluger

From: A verified voter in Mason, TX

May 31

Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. America makes note of the day after an ex-President became a convicted felon. We get to read infinite analysis, speculation, crystal ball-reading hyperbole and perennial horse race calculations. All of that is noise. The reality is that the American system of justice did its job. Regardless of all of the above. American citizens did their job. Regardless of all of the above. Simple facts won out. Justice won out. In the end, it was proven the American people were deprived of information that might have helped us avoid this whole situation. Those actions against our democracy and we the people should have severe consequences. A lot of you are lawyers. And the law is supposed to be sacred to lawyers. But you would never know it from the predictable overwrought responses. From the reactions you would think you all are ready to throw it all away. Because of one verdict. One verdict that affects one person. No matter. You miscalculate, much like with the abortion issue, you miscalculate where the American people really are. We are not a banana republic. We are not a shit-hole country. We are not a disgrace. We are not an embarrassing failure. We are a country whose rule of law held under intense pressure. And did what it was designed to do. Hold people accountable, regardless. And that is what we want. But it seems there is a not a small portion of your party that does not believe this to be true. Maybe that’s a result of a political bubble that only tells one story, or willful denial. Or worse, it’s probably simply politics. Even Mitch McConnell, whose punting to the courts for justice that he refused to address, is now crying sham, disgrace, travesty when the courts actually did what he would not. Where’s the disgrace? The sham? The travesty? All we see is the process working. The GOP has sold their soul. There is no shame, no bar too low, no hypocrisy too vile in service of your now convicted felon of a candidate. Is power really all that matters? So I’m offering a reality check that the majority of us do not live lives like that. We still believe in certain basic tenets that we can’t, and won’t, just change at will in fealty to politics. Regardless. Yesterday a large portion of America regained some hope, and pride, that we may yet aspire to be the country we were designed to be. I don’t think you have a clue what that feels like.

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