Stop Project 2025!
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Stop Project 2025!

To: Sen. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet

From: A verified voter in Longmont, CO

July 3

I’ve been listening to information on project 2025. There is a congressman from California who is planning to get the information that is contained in this 900 page document produced by the Heritage foundation out to the public. The plan is so disturbing that I honestly don’t think very many Americans want these policies applied. First off, many of us would be targeted by the new regime of Trump as being liberals or Democrats or elected officials. We may face military tribunals and we may be executed for treason. Assuming or hoping they won’t go that far, they plan to defund the department of education, the DOJ and the FBI. They plan to fire most of the civil servants, or at least those who aren’t Maga. They plan to declare the United States a Christian nation, excluding other religions. They plan to deport millions and millions of immigrants. They plan to take away the rights of women and LBGT people. They plan to ban abortion nationwide. We know as a blue state we will suffer more than other states if this plan is implemented. My reason for writing this is that I think the Democrats have to get behind publicizing this to the American people. This has to be the main topic of the campaign. We need to support the members of congress who are working on the project of getting the information out. This has to be an all on board information blitz. I’m afraid Joe Biden isn’t up to the level of communication needed. I don’t know who in the Democratic Party is able to do this, but I’m sure there are talented people out there who can. Mayor Pete? The Republicans have always been good with sound bites and Democrats not so much. Considering the Supreme Court that we have now, we fight or we lose democracy. Democrats have to scour the nation for talent that will help us appeal to the American citizen not informed enough to know what’s going on. It’s now or never.

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