Protect labor rights! Confirm Julie Su now!
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Protect labor rights! Confirm Julie Su now!

To: Sen. Thune, Sen. Rounds

From: A verified voter in Spearfish, SD

February 20

It has been almost a year since Julie Su was first nominated as secretary of labor. But despite the fact that Su is already excelling at the job as acting secretary, Senate Republicans have shamefully worked to undermine her confirmation throughout 2023. However, President Biden’s commitment to working people has never wavered, and he renominated her this year. Julie Su is beyond qualified for the role. Julie Su has decades of experience advocating for workers’ rights and civil rights, including fighting on behalf of Asian Americans and garment industry workers. She previously excelled as the California labor commissioner and as secretary of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. But Senate Republicans, determined to advance their anti-worker agenda and block President Biden's nominations, refuse to confirm a qualified Asian American woman to the job. Despite stiff resistance from Senate Republicans, Su hit the ground running and has been a key part of the Biden administration's historic remaking of our economy from the bottom up and middle out. The Department of Labor plays a crucial role in creating more just and fair workplaces for people across the country. There is no one more qualified and dedicated to improving the lives of working families than Julie Su, and the Senate must approve her nomination immediately.

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