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Do something!

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Saint Charles, MO

July 6

We are at a period in American history that will define the next ten, twenty, thirty, even fifty years, if not longer. With all due respect, Mister President, you seem either unwilling or unable to act in the necessary capacity to avoid this dystopian future. As it stands, I can only see your legacy akin to that of James Buchanan, idly watching as the nation fell apart. You cannot afford to be a caretaker president. This can cannot be kicked down the road any further. In the remaining months of your term, you absolutely must demonstrate your willingness to save democracy and reverse this troubled course. Your hesitations and deference only embolden your enemies. Enemies, I remind you, who are calling for your arrest and execution. Do you not see this, or do you simply not believe it? Mister President, I beg you. Step up to the challenges present, or else step aside and let another. You must put aside your pride for all of us.

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