Vote No on HR9876 to protect college campus free speech
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Vote No on HR9876 to protect college campus free speech

To: Sen. Butler, Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Padilla

From: A constituent in San Francisco, CA

May 2

The proposed legislation expanding the definition of anti-Semitism presents a concerning threat to freedom of speech and open discourse on college campuses. While condemning anti-Semitism is crucial, conflating legitimate criticism of the Israeli government's actions with anti-Jewish hatred is deeply problematic. This bill risks chilling lawful protests and debates surrounding the ongoing Gaza conflict, a matter of immense public concern. Protecting robust political speech, even when controversial or provocative, is a core democratic principle. Rather than curtailing civic engagement, we should encourage thoughtful dialogue and foster an environment where diverse perspectives can be voiced without fear of reprisal or financial retribution against universities. I urge you to reject this overbroad measure that jeopardizes constitutional liberties in the misguided pursuit of shielding a foreign nation from justifiable scrutiny.

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