Uphold Texas public education for all children
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Uphold Texas public education for all children

To: Rep. Tinderholt, Sen. Parker, Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick

From: A verified voter in Bedford, TX

May 7

The Texas House's vote to remove vouchers for private schools from the education bill was a resounding defense of public education - our moral and constitutional obligation to all children in this state. Public schools are held to strict standards and accountability measures to ensure every student receives a quality education, taught by credentialed professionals using State-approved curricula. Private and religious schools, on the other hand, lack transparency and are frequently unaccountable to basic academic standards or civil rights protections. Allowing public funds to flow toward these unregulated private institutions would expose students to potential misinformation, biases, and substandard curricula while simultaneously stripping resources from our public school system. This vote reaffirms our unwavering commitment to strengthening public education as the great equalizer that lifts up all communities, regardless of zip code or family income. We cannot allow ideological agendas or profit motives to undermine our children's access to a comprehensive, secular education provided by qualified professionals.

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