Israel Needs To Be Held ACCOUNTABLE!
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Israel Needs To Be Held ACCOUNTABLE!

To: Sen. Booker, Sen. Menendez, Rep. Watson Coleman

From: A constituent in Monroe Township, NJ

June 10

Enough is enough. Israel has committed horrors beyond humanity as it carries out its US-backed genocide campaign in Gaza. We’ve seen children with their limbs blown off, dead bodies piled up, people burned alive, streets full of body parts and blood, and entire neighborhoods leveled to the ground. Our elected officials are okay with funding this genocide but WE ARE NOT. We are not okay with our tax dollars being used to fund the living hell unleashed upon the people of Gaza. Israel committed its most recent massacre on displaced Gazans sheltering in tents. We must express our outrage and demand an arms embargo and a complete cessation of arms to Israel! We need the following demands to be addressed: 1. Access to aid, opening of Rafah border, allowing fuel, medical equipment, food, water 2. ⁠need to get critically injured evacuated 3. ⁠urgent protection of all medical infrastructure Al Aqsa hospital has lost power. Advocate that fuel be let in immediately. There are premature babies in that hospital that will die quickly if they don’t allow the fuel in. Gazans need protection of the European Hospital in Rafah and the expansion and safety of humanitarian corridors into Gaza. Hamas wants a cease-fire and has agreed to the deal brokered by Qatar and Egypt. Huge numbers of Israelis want a ceasefire and are demanding one everyday in Tel Aviv. Netanyahu and his government of fascist regime/ criminals are determined to PRESS on with the slaughter in Rafah. Everyone from Biden to Sunak Starmer Macron and Sholz demanded Israel not to invade Rafah. Now they have. Where do we stand on the invasion of Rafah? Also, there is a report coming out on May 8th in regards to National Security Memorandum 20; who will make sure this report is accurate and whatever recommendations are made are carried out properly and without delay? Invasion of Rafah was Biden’s red line that he vowed would not be crossed. Israel is bombing civilians and refugee camps in Rafah, that shelter over 1 million Palestinians. The world must stand up to Israel and defend international law and the supposedly inalienable human rights of the Palestinian people. Since Oct 7th, An estimated 45,000 civilians were killed, 70 percent children and women, in this ongoing genocide. When are we going to Stop funding the Israeli military Aid, allow food and medical aid to enter Gaza, STOP funding or weapons to Israel, allow no more supplemental funding packages to Israel. When will the siege on Gaza end? It’s time to Call for and support a total and permanent cease-fire NOW..

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