LISTEN TO CONSTITUENTS: Reevaluate U.S. Policy towards I/P
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LISTEN TO CONSTITUENTS: Reevaluate U.S. Policy towards I/P

To: Rep. Caraveo, Sen. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet

From: A constituent in Denver, CO

July 5

In the spirit of our recent celebration of Independence Day, where we reaffirmed our commitment to liberty and independence from colonial oppression, I am writing to urge your immediate attention to a pressing matter concerning U.S. policy towards Palestine and Israel. Recently, twelve former U.S. government officials resigned from their positions citing grave concerns over the current trajectory of our policies in the region. Their joint statement, "Service in Dissent," outlines significant issues that demand immediate attention. The former officials highlight a catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where over 37,000 Palestinians have lost their lives amidst widespread destruction of infrastructure and a dire shortage of essential supplies due to Israeli restrictions. They stress that these conditions not only violate international humanitarian law but also pose a serious threat to U.S. national security, evidenced by recent attacks on U.S. service members and diplomatic facilities in the region. Moreover, the statement critiques the failure of current U.S. policies to achieve their intended objectives of ensuring security for Israel and fostering stability in the Middle East. Instead, they argue, our unwavering support has contributed to further instability and global criticism, eroding America's credibility on the world stage. In response to these challenges, the former officials propose several actionable steps: - Ensure compliance with U.S. laws, particularly the Leahy Laws and the Foreign Assistance Act, to suspend military aid in response to documented human rights violations. - Utilize diplomatic channels to facilitate immediate ceasefire negotiations and secure the release of hostages, advocating for peace and stability in the region. - Allocate resources for expanded humanitarian aid to Gaza and support efforts for its reconstruction, ensuring U.S. assistance does not exacerbate existing suffering. - Publicly endorse self-determination for Palestinians and advocate for an end to military occupation and illegal annexation of land through settlements. - Promote transparency in arms transfers and legal decisions, safeguard freedom of speech, and ensure all perspectives are considered in policy deliberations. As your constituent, I urge you to read their full statement and take decisive action on these critical recommendations. By strengthening oversight mechanisms, advocating for diplomatic solutions, and prioritizing humanitarian aid, we can uphold American values of justice and peace while safeguarding our national interests. I appreciate your attention to this urgent matter and look forward to your leadership on this issue. Please keep me informed of any actions or initiatives you undertake in response to these concerns.

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