Biden 2024 candidacy: pragmatic reassessment needed for nation's interests
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Biden 2024 candidacy: pragmatic reassessment needed for nation's interests

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in New Orleans, LA

July 3

Mr. President, the recent debate performance and declining poll numbers raise legitimate concerns about your viability as a candidate in the 2024 election. While you have not indicated any plans to withdraw, the escalating commitment to your candidacy despite mounting evidence of its losing prospects is a well-documented psychological trap that leaders often fall into. History has shown that stubborn persistence in the face of failure can lead to disastrous consequences, as seen in the protracted Vietnam War and the search for non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Just as corporate giants like Blockbuster and Kodak suffered from an inability to adapt to changing circumstances, your reluctance to reassess your campaign may stem from an unwillingness to relinquish the prestige and power of the presidency. However, continuing on a failing course risks further damaging your legacy and undermining the interests of the nation. Given the gravity of the situation, it would be prudent for you to carefully reevaluate your candidacy and put the wellbeing of the country above personal ambition. A humble withdrawal could preserve your dignity and allow for a smooth transition to a stronger Democratic candidate better positioned to lead the nation forward. The impending humiliation of a likely election loss would only compound the national trauma. Now is the time for pragmatic decision-making rooted in reality rather than an escalating commitment to a losing battle.

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