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To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Grants Pass, OR

May 23

Whether you like it or not, your best bud Bibi is in fact committing Genocide. You are helping him. Sactioning the International Criminal Court for doing their job is not going to do anybody any good, other than having Trump win the White house. You are refusing to listen to your staff, your cabinet, soldiers, and the public. You are refusing to listen to actual intel on this matter. Our weapons have been used to slaughter children. The IDF has been proven to have tortured children, women, medics, and journalists. All in violation of international laws.You are okay using the Genocide word against Putin. But not your bud Bibi. You are an avowed ZIONIST. A policy whos sole aim is to have a separate ETHNOSTATE for just jewish people. That is inherently racist. Even Jews are against this. Jews are against this Genocide in their name. Netanyahu is committing genocide. And you are now very very very publicly helping him. #uncommitted was a warning. You did not heed it We will not vote FOR GENOCIDE YOU ARE THE REASON TRUMP WILL WIN Stop this pathetic arrogant stubborn refusal to backtrack now. Our tax money WILL NOT GO TO GENOCIDE. OUR CITIZENS WILL NOT BE COMPLICIT IN SLAUGHTERING PEOPLE SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE BROWN. STOP THIS INSANITY NOW

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