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Ranked Voting

To: Sen. Marshall, Sen. Moran, Rep. Estes

From: A verified voter in Anthony, KS

July 4

We need Ranked Voting in the USA so people can vote for whomever they want for President of the United States and not be BULLIED into voting for one of only two terrible candidates. Please enact legislation to change the two party system and acknowledge worthy candidates like Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, and Kennedy. If the DNC hadn’t squashed Senator Sanders when he was running for President of the US, he would have defeated Trump, who the GOP didn’t particularly like, but they backed him anyway. And he WON, because he wasn’t a politician. And he wasn’t “politics as usual.” And now we are stuck with a wanna-be dictator to be our POTUS again! We shouldn’t have to be completely stuck in this idiotic two-party system ! We need RANKED VOTING. Thank you for reading. And thank you for creating legislation to create Ranked Voting in our Presidential elections!

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