An open letter to Sen. Cruz, Rep. Sessions, Sen. Cornyn.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Cruz, Rep. Sessions, Sen. Cornyn

From: A constituent in Round Rock, TX

July 9

STOP LETTING TRUMP RUN HE IS A FELON HE VISITED EPSTEIN ISLAND HE RAPED KIDS HES SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO HIS DAUGHTER HES SAID IT HIMSELF "Is it wrong to be more sexualky attracted to your daughter than your wife?" -TRUMP THAT IS DISGUSTING Why, on EARTH would a party that claims it doesn't want family values tossed aside INSIST on using a pornstar loving pedophile to run as it's representative? WHY would a party that claims to be in support of a small federal government want a man who wants to cause nationwide bans on not only abortions but contraceptives and IVF on a FEDERAL LEVEL to be their spokesperson What you are supporting is DISGUSTING People are SICK of being treated like nothing by the people meant to REPRESENT them. Use your votes for the people instead of your own selfish wish to control people you deem lesser

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