An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in New Orleans, LA

June 30

I have said before that you are the leader for our times. All that "went wrong" in the debate is your being the right person to lead the fight against authoritarianism in America. You're the "that guy" of the Die Hard movies. Just a hard-working Joe who will see the job done, no matter what. You care nothing for personal glory. You are the right stuff without the strutting. You never take your eye from the goal. A free America is your goal. Those who are out there tripping up their own teammates for a moment of vainglory shouting about how a guy who wants freedom for all isn't "good enough" aren't worth consideration. This is our finest hour - the hour when we keep fighting against all that the orange menace stands for - authoritarianism, hate, and death. So lay out the next debate challenge. And everything he says, tell him to prove it. Everything he claims, request a fact check. When he tries to - whatever - tout your accomplishments. Mayor Pete's bridge. Boston harbor. Jobs reports. Name your infrastructure & challenge him to name even one. He can't hyperbolic his way out of that. You are our Churchill, our Roosevelt, our General Eisenhower.

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