Urgent aid for Gaza's collapsing healthcare, services
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Urgent aid for Gaza's collapsing healthcare, services

To: Sen. Heinrich, Rep. Vasquez, Sen. Luján

From: A constituent in Albuquerque, NM

July 1

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is rapidly deteriorating, with hospitals and essential services on the brink of collapse due to severe fuel and medical supply shortages. Within 48 hours, Gaza's remaining hospitals, health centers, and oxygen stations will cease operations as generators run out of fuel. This life-threatening situation demands immediate action. Israel's closure of the Rafah border crossing has severed critical supply lines, limiting access to food, fuel, and medical supplies for the enclave's population. Aid organizations have been forced to scale back lifesaving operations, and water sanitation and hygiene services are hanging by a thread. The situation is putting over a million Gazans at risk of starvation and death. This humanitarian emergency requires an urgent response to allow the unimpeded flow of fuel, medicine, and other vital supplies into Gaza. Hospitals and medical facilities must be able to continue providing essential care, and basic services must be maintained to prevent a catastrophic loss of life. Immediate steps should be taken to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and restore access to critical resources for the people of Gaza. The risk of inaction is simply too high.

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