Stop funding Netanyahu’s war
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Stop funding Netanyahu’s war

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Merritt Island, FL

May 2

I’m pleased that you were able to get Ukraine funded once again, but another 26 billion to Israel to continue to kill tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians is unconscionable. The American people support Israel but not Netanyahu’s bloodthirsty war. He must be stopped & you have the power to do it by cutting all aid until there is a permanent ceasefire & all parties sit at a table and find a solution to this endless crisis. I support you but it’s clear as day that this will cost you the election. It will cost you the youth vote, the progressive vote and at least one swing state. I do not want to see another Trump presidency, so please, get tough! Condition that aid on a ceasefire, meaningful peace talks & stop all aid till there is verifiable progress on both sides.

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