Hold Israel accountable for deadly Rafah airstrike on civilians
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Hold Israel accountable for deadly Rafah airstrike on civilians

To: Sen. Johnson, Sen. Baldwin, Rep. Pocan

From: A constituent in Madison, WI

May 30

The United States must urgently reassess its military aid and arms transfers to Israel in light of credible evidence that U.S.-made munitions were used in the deadly Rafah strike that killed at least 45 Palestinian civilians. While Israel claims it used the "smallest munition" possible, fragments from a 250-pound GBU-39 small diameter bomb manufactured in the U.S. were recovered at the site of this horrific attack on a civilian encampment. As a nation committed to human rights and the rule of law, the U.S. cannot continue supplying weapons used indiscriminately against innocent people. The Rafah strike underscores the need for greater accountability and oversight over how U.S. military assistance is utilized by recipients. Continuing to provide arms without demanding justice and restitution for such strikes enables further civilian suffering and erodes America's moral standing. Israel must conduct a full, transparent investigation into this incident and make amends to the victims' families. Until there are credible assurances that U.S. weaponry will not be misused to inflict disproportionate civilian casualties, all relevant arms transfers to Israel should be immediately frozen. Unquestioning military support for actions that harm civilians and violate international law is antithetical to American values of human rights and human dignity.

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