Joe needs to step down, Gretchen needs to be on the ticket!
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Joe needs to step down, Gretchen needs to be on the ticket!

To: Rep. Hope, Gov. Whitmer, Sen. Singh

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 4

We need a new younger more competent sharp minded ticket. Joe Biden has no confidence with the American people and independents will win or lose this presidential race. We all saw what we saw at the debate, a frail old man with mental decline that has been rapidly becoming more apparent with every appearance. This wasn’t a one off, and the reporting suggests the Biden administration and the DNC purposely avoiding having Joe Biden do any interviews, any non scripted speaking. In the day and age, after coming off a nightmare Trump term that we barely survived, this is the worse thing any president could do, not communicate with the American people on a regular basis. I can count on one hand how many times I heard Joe Biden speak for more than 20 seconds. That’s shameful and absolutely by design. The constitution, rule of law, and democracy is on the line. We need you Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsom to join forces to save democracy. Both of you should create the ultimate winning ticket to re-energize the American electorate. You need to demand Biden step down, create debates and a mini primary before or during the convention. Time is of the essence so you must plan now and have Biden announce tomorrow or next week at the latest. I have no confidence Joe will win, I have no confidence the house is within reach, I have no confidence we will retain the senate. But with your leadership, we truly have a fighting chance with all of those, to save democracy and everything that comes along with it. Trump is a 34x felon rapist insurrectionist and he’s leading Trump in Biden’s own internal polling. What more needs to be said? Do the right thing, the hard thing, the patriotic thing and demand Joe step down and start this primary process now to give us confidence and energy and enthusiasm. NOW!

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